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At Hawn Bedding Company, we are not your average "big box mattress store." You know exactly what mattress you're getting, because we make it in-house. We guarantee our double-sided dorm beds will last longer than a one-sided bed at a big box store.

Custom & Long-lasting Dorm Beds

We know how important it is to you to keep your students comfortable. Students need to have an enjoyable experience while in their dorm room, and our beds can add to that factor.

We have the ability to create long-lasting, comfortable dorm beds at any size. What do we need from you? Dimensions, desired firmness and the zip code. It's that simple. We'll take care of the rest.

You can rest assured knowing our dorm beds will last a long time. Our mattress store isn't like the rest -- we're in it for you. You won't be coming back to us in a few years, because with our double-sided quality, our mattress will last you twice the amount of time as a one-sided mattress.

Dorm Beds For Your Entire Complex

Since we have full control on what we have in stock, we have the ability to give you any amount of long-lasting dorm beds for your facility. We are ready to supply dorm beds for your entire complex.

Our dorm beds are designed for college and university residencies. The dorm room has a unique feel, and the furniture that fills it must accommodate smaller space and long term use. Colleges have specific requirements for the mass amount of dorm beds and mattresses that they supply for their students. We provide dorm beds that fit the needs of colleges and universities throughout the country.

Don't wait to get your students comfortable in your facility. If you are ready for dorm beds of exceptional quality from Hawn Bedding Company, give us a call today!

Get a custom quote today at (816) 524-4296! We are excited to hear from you.

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